I'm Samantha, and I'm so excited to meet you. When I’m not photographing weddings, I’m spending time with my husband, Patrick, and our Dachshund/Lab mix, Scout, eating pizza, taking walks or heading down to the beach to spend time with family!

"My reason for taking portraits of people is to preserve who they are now and to capture that spirit for generations to come."

My photography career began soon after I graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2012. I was working in the field of commercial video, but longed to have more creative control over my work. After photographing a surprise engagement for my dear friends, I fell in love with this amazing form of expression. At that time I loved my job because it brought me together with new and interesting people who were willing to share their incredible stories with me but since then being a wedding photographer has come to mean so much more.

The more couples I worked with and the more stories I captured, I realized that wedding photography is so much more than memories. My reason for taking portraits of people is to preserve who they are now and to capture that spirit for generations to come.

This is the image that really changed things for me

When we were planning our own wedding, family and tradition began to move to the forefront. On a trip up to see my grandparents in the midst of our wedding planning, my grandmother pulled out her wedding album. She reached into her closet to retrieve a worn white leather album with the words “Our Wedding” printed in gold on the front.

She flipped through the carefully preserved pages - about 30 images in black and white each representing a beautiful memory from the wedding day of my Grandma Jean (Geeya) and Grandpa Dick (Grandpa). We flipped through images that until this time I had never seen.


And as my grandmother turned over the final page I sat totally overcome with emotion.

I had been shooting weddings and couples for almost 2 years when Patrick and I got engaged. Before that time I knew that I Ioved my job because it brought me together with beautiful couples in love whose joy and energy were so incredibly invigorating. At that time, that was my reason for wanting to photograph weddings.  

The final image was a sendoff image of my grandparents leaving their reception. My grandmother is laughing with her eyes closed and my grandfather has this huge grin on his face.

It filled me with such emotion to see these two hopeful newlyweds and then to see how their relationship has blossomed over the years. As the granddaughter of these two people who have lived such a beautiful life together and continue to treat each other with such love and mutual respect, it is incredible to have this living memory of the first day of their life together.

This became my reason for being a wedding photographer. I want to help create the heirloom images that will be passed down through generations. The nervous energy leading up to the ceremony, the family members that surround you, the moment you say I do, the first dance you share as husband and wife… I want to capture these memories not just for you but for future generations of your family because they are important.

MY "WHY" ...

This became my why.



Patrick and I met as undergrads at Penn State University at a Ugly Christmas Sweater party and the rest was history!

Scout is a Dachshund/Lab mix. Yes, you heard that right. She’s such a sweetheart.

Patrick and I have quite a bucket list of places we would like to see but absolutely fell in love with Iceland during our trip last winter.

Nature is a constant source of inspiration for me, our little cottage has a great view of the Pennsylvania woods!

My images are meant to be authentic to who you are and to how your wedding day unfolded.



I like my images to feel intimate and real. Love stories are what my job is all about.



Your wedding images should stand the test of time.



Your wedding is an intimate day filled with a beautiful range of emotions, and I have found that it is so incredibly important for us to click as photographer and couple. The Samantha Jay style is not necessarily one size fits all and that is totally okay!

My biggest priority is to get to know each couple that I work with and to be sure that we have a similar outlook on love, life and your big day! SJP couples are creative, stylish, completely in love, excited for their marriage not just their wedding, want their big day to be a representation of them as a couple.

I strive to capture you as you truly are.

My goal is to have you look back on your photos for years to come and still remember the butterflies you had in your stomach before seeing each other for the first time, how close you held each other during your first dance, and when you snuck out of the reception to enjoy a few moments together in the warm glow of sunset.

I’m here to document your unique story.