March 20, 2017

Media PA Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Family Session | Elodie


Lifestyle newborn sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorites because they allow me to capture something that is intimate and completely new for these families.  Newborns bring about so much love, excitement and a little bit of chaos- that’s what life is all about.  Elodie is the sweetest little girl and is so lucky to have two fur siblings and parents that couldn’t be more excited to have her in their lives.  Well, her fur siblings are still getting used to the change but they are warming up to her 🙂 Enjoy Elodie’s sweet newborn session!

Media PA Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Family Session | Elodie2017-03-20_00752017-03-20_00812017-03-20_00762017-03-20_00802017-03-20_00442017-03-20_00432017-03-20_0048Media PA Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Family Session | Elodie2017-03-20_00342017-03-20_00332017-03-20_00452017-03-20_00382017-03-20_00642017-03-20_00462017-03-20_00692017-03-20_00672017-03-20_00602017-03-20_00632017-03-20_00662017-03-20_00582017-03-20_00572017-03-20_00552017-03-20_00512017-03-20_00502017-03-20_00422017-03-20_00412017-03-20_00402017-03-20_00742017-03-20_00702017-03-20_00722017-03-20_0073

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