May 26, 2017

Sayen Gardens Engagement Session | Spring Blooms Romantic Engagement | Kaitlin and Josh

The flowers were in full bloom when we met up with Kaitlin and Josh and their adorable pup, Sammy, at Sayen Gardens.  I love the story of their engagement!  I will let Kaitlin tell the story!

“Josh was intending to propose on one of our favorite hikes, in Tyler State Park. We were off on Friday and it was a beautiful day in early December and thought we would take advantage of the nice weather and go on a hike. (And so did everyone else!) Josh carried the ring with him the whole time, before reaching the top of the mountain, I realized I needed to go to the bathroom, but there were too many people around, so I would need to go to the actual bathrooms by the parking lot. When we got back down the hill, I decided since we were by the car, we may as well just call it a day instead of going for round 2 on the hike. I blew the plan!! We made plans to go back the next day to remedy the shortened hike. Saturday came along and I decided I would rather do some weight training at the gym, and urged Josh and Sammy to go to the park without me. I blew the plan again!! We made reservations to go to eat at Tired Hands in Ardmore. Josh asked if afterwords I wanted to walk around the town and check out the Christmas lights, but I recommend we just go home to Sammy and possibly go see the Christmas lights display at Shady Brook Farms. I blew the plan again!!! We planned on going to Shady Brook Farms, but instead of doing the romantic hay ride through the lights, I suggested we just drive through ourselves and bring Sammy. The place was extremely packed and the cars were herded in like cattle, and Josh wanted to stop, park and propose there, but there was just no way to do so. The plan was blown again! We got home after the lights, and Josh was sick of keeping the ring in his pocket. He stashed the ring under the hat (instead of a star) on top of the Christmas tree. We were sitting on the couch in front of the Christmas tree, and Josh told me that he and my dad found something in the basement the week before when they were cleaning it out and he meant to give it to me. He told me to close my eyes, and instead got down on one knee and proposed. It was perfect, after all of that! “

How awesome is that engagement story?  Enjoy their beautiful session that was many planned proposals in the making!2017-05-26_00012017-05-26_00022017-05-26_00032017-05-26_00042017-05-26_00052017-05-26_00062017-05-26_00072017-05-26_00102017-05-26_00082017-05-26_00112017-05-26_00092017-05-26_00122017-05-26_00132017-05-26_00142017-05-26_00152017-05-26_00162017-05-26_00172017-05-26_00182017-05-26_0019Sayen Gardens Engagement Session | Spring Blooms Romantic Engagement | Katie and Josh

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