June 22, 2017

Rosebank Winery Newtown PA Wedding Photography | Soft Neutral Romantic Wedding Details | Nicole and Brandon

2017-06-22_0092Nicole and Brandon had the most beautiful wedding day in May at the gorgeous Rosebank Winery in Newtown, PA.  Brandon had a little nervous energy in the morning as he prepped for his First Look with Nicole.  Nicole looked absolutely gorgeous in her gown from Bijou Bridal and was glowing when she arrived at the beautiful winery.  Brandon’s nerves were immediately calmed when he saw his beautiful bride.  You could see the sense of relief and excitement that filled them both!  That is what I love most about First Looks- you can see how these two people fit so perfectly together.  After enjoying the grounds during their portrait session, Nicole and Brandon were tucked away prior to their outdoor ceremony near the barn.  

The ceremony was personal and intimate featuring readings by their loved ones and a beautiful ring exchange.  All of their vows were sealed with a kiss before they walked back down the aisle as man and wife!  They enjoyed cocktail hour with their guests before heading out to bask in the cloudy sunset moments.  Nicole and Brandon dreamed about their future and held each other so close.

Soon it was time to begin the reception and the new Mr. & Mrs. were introduced into their reception where they shared their first dance under the twinkling market lights.  They danced, ate amazing food and celebrated this wonderful day with all of their friends and family!  There was even a cookie buffet filled with family cookie recipes- SO TASTY!  Check out this beautiful winery wedding and the crazy dance floor!  I was so honored to be able to capture this day for such a sweet couple!2017-06-22_00012017-06-22_00022017-06-22_00042017-06-22_00052017-06-22_00062017-06-22_00072017-06-22_00082017-06-22_00122017-06-22_00102017-06-22_00112017-06-22_00132017-06-22_00142017-06-22_00152017-06-22_00162017-06-22_00202017-06-22_00192017-06-22_00212017-06-22_00222017-06-22_00232017-06-22_00242017-06-22_00252017-06-22_00272017-06-22_00282017-06-22_00292017-06-22_00302017-06-22_00322017-06-22_00332017-06-22_00352017-06-22_00362017-06-22_00372017-06-22_00382017-06-22_00402017-06-22_00412017-06-22_00422017-06-22_00432017-06-22_00452017-06-22_00462017-06-22_00482017-06-22_00472017-06-22_00492017-06-22_00502017-06-22_00522017-06-22_00512017-06-22_00532017-06-22_00542017-06-22_00552017-06-22_00562017-06-22_00572017-06-22_00582017-06-22_00602017-06-22_00612017-06-22_00622017-06-22_00632017-06-22_00642017-06-22_00652017-06-22_00662017-06-22_00672017-06-22_00682017-06-22_00692017-06-22_00702017-06-22_00712017-06-22_00732017-06-22_00742017-06-22_00752017-06-22_00762017-06-22_00772017-06-22_00782017-06-22_0080Rosebank Winery Newtown PA Wedding Photography | Soft Neutral Romantic Wedding Details | Nicole and Brandon2017-06-22_00812017-06-22_00822017-06-22_00832017-06-22_00842017-06-22_00852017-06-22_00862017-06-22_00872017-06-22_00882017-06-22_00892017-06-22_00902017-06-22_00912017-06-22_00922017-06-22_00932017-06-22_00942017-06-22_00952017-06-22_00962017-06-22_00972017-06-22_01382017-06-22_00982017-06-22_01012017-06-22_01002017-06-22_01032017-06-22_01042017-06-22_01052017-06-22_01062017-06-22_01072017-06-22_01082017-06-22_01092017-06-22_01102017-06-22_01112017-06-22_01122017-06-22_01132017-06-22_00992017-06-22_01142017-06-22_01152017-06-22_01162017-06-22_01172017-06-22_01182017-06-22_01192017-06-22_01252017-06-22_01232017-06-22_01272017-06-22_01282017-06-22_01292017-06-22_01302017-06-22_01312017-06-22_01322017-06-22_01332017-06-22_01342017-06-22_01352017-06-22_0136Rosebank Winery Newtown PA Wedding Photography | Soft Neutral Romantic Wedding Details | Nicole and Brandon2017-06-22_01412017-06-22_01392017-06-22_01402017-06-22_0137

Photographed by Samantha

Venue: Rosebank Winery in Newtown, PA

Planner: Classic Events by Lauren

Florist: Ye Olde Yardley Florist

Wedding Gown: Bijou Bridal

DJ: DJ Cincere


  1. This Rose Bank Winery wedding is absolutely beautiful! You captured the story of their day perfectly!

  2. Beautiful wedding at Rose Bank Winery in Newtown, PA! Love that dessert table 🙂

  3. Such beautiful wedding photos from the Rose Bank Winery! Love your detail shots and bridal prep. Very soft and romantic PA wedding photography. Beautifully done.

  4. Love these wedding photos at the Rosebank Winery in Newton PA!! This venue is so lovely and you captured this wedding perfectly. It feels more like you’re really there instead of looking at photos. Wonderful work!

  5. Ashlee says:

    Gorgeous wedding photographs at the Rosebank Winery in Newton PA!! I always am swooning over your detail photographs!!

  6. What a flawless wedding at Rosebank Winery! That is a stunning Newtown PA wedding venue. You captured so many great wedding portraits throughout their wedding day I am so happy you shared them with all of us! Great work, Samantha Jay!

  7. Parker says:

    Wow, talk about Newtown winery perfection! I love weddings that are held at wineries, they’re always so beautiful. Your wedding photography perfectly captures the gorgeous details, as well as the love that was in the air!

  8. Lovely outdoor wedding at Rosebank Winery! The bridesmaids blue dresses are perfect and I love the shots in the vineyard! Beautiful Sam!

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