August 20, 2017

Héritage Session | Brooklyn Wedding and Engagement Photographer | Rachel and Chris

Who were you before today?  Who were you before you were sitting in the very spot you are right now?  What was important to you?  Where was the place where you felt most yourself?  Close your eyes and think.  Think back to a time before your present when you felt most yourself.  Now don’t you wish you could bottle that up and save it forever?  That is what my Héritage Sessions are all about.  They are about capturing the things that are important to who you are.  They are about celebrating the community you live in, the people you share your life with and all the moments in between.  It’s about capturing that spirit and saving it for the future.  Rachel is a dear friend from college who I actually first met at sleep-away summer camp on the eastern shore of Maryland when we were pre-teens.  We reconnected our freshman year of college when we were both in the same theater class- it’s funny how to world brings people back into your life!  Chris is Rachel’s other half, they met in college and seeing how their relationship has blossomed is honestly so inspiring.  They share a home in Brooklyn where they are both kicking ass at pursuing their creative professions.  Rachel is a writer/actor/director currently editing her incredible film Dead Girl (which I am dying to see!) and Chris is an incredible freelance writer and editor who has a knack for finding and exploring awesome stories!  These two have dreams of the future and are looking to soon take part in the #vanlife movement for a story Chris is working on.  Pretty much, they are awesome.  When we were up in Brooklyn for the weekend, I wanted to make some portraits of them commemorating this life they currently share in a beautiful city.  After sending the gallery to Rachel and Chris, Rachel said, “We were looking last night, and we kept saying how we were so excited to have {these photos} for our kids.”  And that is exactly why preserving these memories now is so important.  When you say “way back when” you will be able to pull up those memories and say, “Here is the proof that we were always total bad asses!”  Contact me for your own Héritage Session today.  Whether it is remembering a place, a time or just yourself, these memories are important. 


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