June 30, 2022

3 Tips For Styling Your Family’s Portrait Session with Media PA Family Photographer

Often I hear moms say that one of the most stressful parts of a family photography session is nailing down what they are going to wear. It is one of the top pain points that my clients ask me about. I knew I had to tackle this head on and create a better way! As a Media PA Family Photographer, I am focused on providing quality service to all of my families! Part of that is easing this stress that is typically associated with styling a family photography session.

Here are my three tips for styling your family for your next portrait session!

  1. Dress Mom First: I always want mama to make sure that she feels comfortable and beautiful during the session. Choosing her outfit first is key! Building off of something that mom feel amazing in will start the entire session off right.
  2. Coordinate Rather than Match: You want to find a through line in the wardrobe for your session. Focus on key tones that carry through each family member. The cornflower blue and flaxen tone work beautifully together in these examples!
  3. Neutral Tones: The suggestion for neutral tones is in an effort to create images that will look beautiful when displayed in your home. You want timeless styling that makes you feel confident and you will still love in 25 years.

*BONUS TIP* Find a photographer who offers a client closet and session styling.

What is a client closet?

The Le Papillon client closet is a curated collection of over 100 dresses that are specifically selected for pre and postpartum bodies. They are timeless styles in subtle, romantic tones that photograph beautifully. The client closet started as a way to help my clients get the style they wanted for their family’s images. I want you to plan without having to stress over ordering outfits online, inevitable trips to the store with kiddos in tow and wasted time on returns. Instead, we work together to develop a beautiful color palette and styles that fit you and your family impeccably.

Le Papillon by Samantha Jay Photography is the luxury Media PA family photographer. With an emphasis on Philadelphia maternity, newborn, and family photography, Le Papillon by Samantha Jay is focused on offering a stress free portrait experience with timeless styling and hands on preparation along the way. Every client has access to our client closet of dresses specifically curated for pregnant and postpartum bodies as well as a collection of children’s clothing options for a fully coordinated style. We help all of our clients get their artwork into their homes through beautifully framed prints in the form of gallery walls, custom linen and velvet albums and keepsake prints. Contact us today to create your custom portraits worthy of handing down to your children.

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