April 28, 2017

Cherry Blossom Engagement Photography | Spring Engagement Session | Kathryn and Reed

2017-04-28_0005Love is a feeling that sets itself deep in our hearts and beams outwardly through laughter, tender touches and mutual respect.  Kathryn and Reed are the personification of love.  They held hands as they strolled through the park enjoying the spring weather and beautiful cherry blossom blooms.  My heart was so full after spending the afternoon with these two.  Their wedding day is sure to be filled with an unending amount of joy!  I am so lucky to have beautiful couples like Kathryn and Reed in my life and can’t wait to capture more memories for them!  Enjoy this Rittenhouse Square engagement session among the cherry blossoms.2017-04-28_00032017-04-28_00012017-04-28_00022017-04-28_00042017-04-28_00072017-04-28_00092017-04-28_00082017-04-28_00132017-04-28_00102017-04-28_00112017-04-28_00142017-04-28_00122017-04-28_0015

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