May 8, 2017

New Orleans Wedding Photography | French Quarter, Jackson Square Wedding | Terri & Blake

2017-05-06_0108Terri is truly a bride of the 21st century and revealed to her bridesmaids on the wedding day that she planned most of her wedding on Instagram!  That is where she and I first connected as she and Blake were beginning to plan their wedding in their hometown of New Orleans, LA.  We first met during their engagement session in Washington D.C. where they currently reside.  These two are meant for each other.  They fall so easily into each other and always keep a smile on their faces- they made my job easy!  Terri and Blake planned from afar but they were in good hands as the reception was at Terri’s family restaurant Muriel’s Jackson Square in the French Quarter.

On the day of the wedding as I arrived at Terri’s home, there was a flutter of activity as the bridesmaids prepped for the big day.  Everyone was in awe of how stunning the beautiful bride looked in her two-piece wedding gown and a GORGEOUS head piece by Jannie Baltzer (also found through Instagram!)  Then we headed off to the French Quarter for the first look with Blake.  These two couldn’t stop smiling once they saw each other.  They held hands and laughed through the streets as we stopped along the way for some quick snaps.  

Their ceremony was held in the iconic Jackson Square where Terri’s sisters had also tied the knot.  Surrounded by gorgeous florals by Poppy & Mint Floral Company, they exchanged vows, rings and sealed their promises with a kiss.  After which we witnessed one of the coolest wedding traditions in existence- the Second Line!!  This New Orleans tradition has a New Orleans brass band lead the Bride and Groom and all of their wedding guests on a parade through the streets of the French Quarter until they arrive at their reception.  It was AWESOME!  And there were quite a few tourists snapping photos who thought so too!  Once we arrived at Muriel’s it was on!  Terri, Blake and their guests had the most epic dance party I have ever seen!  No one does it like NOLA!  Can’t wait for you to check this one out!  We love seeing new places, meeting new people, and capturing love stories that will last generations.  Enjoy!

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Ceremony:  Jackson Square, NOLA

Reception: Muriel’s Jackson Square

Dress: Wedding Belles

Bride’s Headpiece:  Jannie Baltzer

Florals: Poppy and Mint Florals

Day-Of Coordination: Joy from Bridal 911

DJ: IM Entertainment

Cake: Chez Ru Rene

Photography: Samantha Jay Photography

  1. Lee Robert says:

    These photographs truly capture the most magnificent & magical wedding and reception EVER! Terri was GORGEOUS ( I always love her sense of style) and their love for each other kept shining through the whole day!! The excellence paid to all the details-the delicious food, service, flowers and music was surpassed only by the pleasure of the company-especially, the bride and groom. A once in a lifetime CELEBRATION! WE ALL LEFT FILLED WITH SUCH JOY!!!

  2. wow this is gorgeous! such beautiful bride!

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