July 21, 2017

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographer | Lake Mohawk Country Club Wedding Photography | Erica and Andrew

2017-07-21_0090Lake Mohawk is an incredibly relaxing and beautiful lake town.  From the moment you drive up, you are surrounded by people who love living the lake life!  Everything revolves around spending your day out on the water, it was the perfect backdrop for Erica and Andrew’s beautiful wedding day!  Erica and I were both in the same broadcasting class as undergrads at Penn State.  She is an incredible news castor in Buffalo, NY and Andrew is a meteorologist- a match made in broadcasting heaven!  

Their love story is such a good one.  They first met at AccuWeather in State College and had a few missed chances at love before they finally connected.  This is how they  describe their love story: 

“Erica and Andrew met at AccuWeather in State College, Pa. He had recently started his first post-college job as a broadcast meteorologist; she was working part-time as an online journalist in her senior year. Erica’s internship lasted the entire fall semester, and yet, the two did not cross paths until it was almost over. Fast forward to a very important company Christmas party at Penn State’s Nittany Lion Inn: They were among the only two around the same age at the party, each alone, and so some colleagues introduced each of them to one another. They totally hit it off.

Because neither was smart enough to exchange phone numbers, Erica looked up Andrew using the staff directory and e-mailed Andrew on the last day of her internship inviting him out for her 22nd birthday at a downtown bar.  Andrew neither responded nor showed up. Life went on.

Several months later, they run into each other downtown at the Rathskellar. Erica asked Andrew why he stood her up. Andrew was genuinely confused. After a lot of back-and-forth, each trying to figure out where the other went wrong, they learned the e-mail was never opened. It was a tragic accident. And mostly Andrew’s fault. 

Too much time had passed. Erica was graduating and moving to another state. She also started seeing someone else. Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be.

About a year later, Andrew and Erica reconnected. They were only living two hours apart, so Erica took a trip to visit Andrew at their alma mater, and they picked up right where they left off. After several months of courting and visiting one another, this Penn State love story turned into a real relationship during Arts Fest in July 2013.

They endured the long-distance thing for about a year, and in late Summer 2014, they each got jobs in Buffalo, New York, and moved to the City of Good Neighbors together, which culminated in a several month long journey, affectionately referred to as #BagsandBrechertoBuffalo.”

Such a whirlwind story that ultimately led them to this beautiful day as they started their life together!  Enjoy!

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Venue: Lake Mohawk Country Club

Hair: Hair 2 Please

Dress Shop: David’s Bridal

Florist: The Flower Box/Petals Florist

DJ- Rob Kelley of 74 Events

Cake: Pattycakes Bake Shop


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