July 21, 2017

Romantic Summer Golden Hour Engagement Photography | Valley Forge National Park Engagement Photography | Therese and Colin

2017-07-21_0130Holy goodness, Therese and Colin’s session was absolutely PERFECT!  But we were both definitely nervous before it started!  On the drive to Valley Forge, there were some raindrops, the weather forecast said that we were getting a thunderstorm right, and Patrick even rang me and told me that a big storm had just hit his work and it was heading our way!  I think we were all a little anxious for the clouds to open up on us at any moment!  But we decided to shoot until the rain told us to stop (plus I pretty much bring clear umbrellas with me everywhere these days).  With all of that looming over us, this session ended up being so serene and beautiful and incredibly romantic.  Who knew that sun showers could be so beautiful!  These two held hands, didn’t stop smiling and were even blessed with the most AMAZING sunset.  Therese and Colin, you guys have the magic touch!  It was so much fun hanging out with these two and getting to know their story.  

Here is the story of how they met in Therese’s own words: “We met during the Fall of 2008, during our Freshman year of college at Rutgers. Colin and I happened to both live on the third floor of our dorm. He says he immediately noticed me on move in day, but it would be a few days later we would officially meet. We immediately clicked as we found out our hometowns in South Jersey were literally next to each other. We became best friends and started officially dating a year later.”  They have been together for 8 years! 

You will also notice that they included craft beers from a brewery in Cape May that pays tribute to where they got engaged!  Here is that story as told by the couple: “Every Columbus Day Weekend Colin’s family goes down to Cape May, NJ. It also happens to fall right around our anniversary. So last Columbus Day Weekend, he tells me that he’d like to take a walk down the beach before heading to breakfast with the family. We walk down the beach, and right by Jackson Street Jetty, he tells me to turn around to look at some birds. I turn back around to face him and he “finds” a message in a bottle. He begins to open it and reads the message inside. It was the sweetest letter ever. He then proposes with the most perfect ring and the rest is history. We find out later that day, his grandparents got engaged at the same spot on the beach, pure coincidence!”

I cannot wait to capture Colin and Therese’s wedding!  They are such a sweet couple!  Cheers!

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